domenica 29 dicembre 2013

::SLTA:: Victorian Library

Superb library in Victorian style, refined finishes, textures and designs with attention to detail. 195 prims including furniture, part of which are mesh. Working fireplace with noises and menu. Secret trapdoor, classroom with desks and blackboard.

lunedì 9 dicembre 2013

::SLTA:: Victorian Hospital

This is a great Hospital in Victorian style 121 prims furniture included. (Reception counter is mesh our creation). 
It comes with a rezzer box easy to use for all, expert or not. (Instructions included in a notecard inside the folder) 
There is a Morgue with functional Crematorium, a large Reception room, with counter (mesh), various rooms and a detenzion padded room. 
All texture are sold separately and full perms for your own creations.


Furnitures are not all our production, some of them are free items found on the marketplace. 
We take this opportunity to thank the creator for his free resource available to all.