domenica 29 dicembre 2013

::SLTA:: Victorian Library

Superb library in Victorian style, refined finishes, textures and designs with attention to detail. 195 prims including furniture, part of which are mesh. Working fireplace with noises and menu. Secret trapdoor, classroom with desks and blackboard.

lunedì 9 dicembre 2013

::SLTA:: Victorian Hospital

This is a great Hospital in Victorian style 121 prims furniture included. (Reception counter is mesh our creation). 
It comes with a rezzer box easy to use for all, expert or not. (Instructions included in a notecard inside the folder) 
There is a Morgue with functional Crematorium, a large Reception room, with counter (mesh), various rooms and a detenzion padded room. 
All texture are sold separately and full perms for your own creations.


Furnitures are not all our production, some of them are free items found on the marketplace. 
We take this opportunity to thank the creator for his free resource available to all.

martedì 26 novembre 2013

mercoledì 20 novembre 2013

::SLTA:: Free Group Gift!!

A fun gift for our loyal friends!
All you have to do is logging and subscribe to our group.
It is a gesture / dance inspired by an old piece by a famous italian singer which has recently returned in vogue thanks to the famous DJ Bob Sinclair.
But I prefer the original XD

So here is the link to sign up to our group and keep up to date, you should not do is copy and paste it in public chat ..

secondlife :/ / / app/group/b6e032d5-675d-3e4d-842f-e491d4765419/about

Revenue in the notice of the group and find the one with the accompanying gesture.
Enjoy :)


Un regalo divertido para nuestros leales amigos!
Lo que usted tiene que hacer es suscríberse al grupo.
Es una gestura / danza inspirada en un viejo pedazo cantado por una famosa cantante italiana que ha regresado recientemente a la fama gracias a el famoso DJ Bob Sinclair, seguramente los amigos latinos o españoles la conocen muy bien :)

Pero yo prefiero la original, XD

Para suscribirse a nuestro grupo y estar al día, lo que se debe hacer es copiar y pegar en el chat público ..

secondlife :/ / / app/group/b6e032d5-675d-3e4d-842f-e491d4765419/about

Ingresos en el anuncio del grupo y encontrara  uno con el gesture de acompañamiento.
Enjoy :)

sabato 9 novembre 2013

::SLTA:: Steampunk Victorian Bank

For Steampunk or Victorian environments lovers, we  created this City Bank that is suitable for both styles.

As always, a few prims and beautiful textures.

With rezzer, comfortable and easy to use.


::SLTA:: Dark Cemetery _Without basement_

A sinister and obscure cemetery .... Shiver... 
But equipped with all the comforts for a vampire ... 
A dangeon, which leads to a secret access. 
Coffin with poses as a vampire. 
Tapestries and textures in pure dark goth style. 
We made ​​two versions, and it is a pure matter of prims. In fact, they are virtually identical, but a version is 186 prims, while the other is more lightweight, only 168 prims. 
The building is equipped with a rezzer, very convenient and easy to use.

domenica 3 novembre 2013