lunedì 30 settembre 2013

::SLTA:: Smoking Pipe - Classic Wood

Smoking Pipes in three different wood shades. Adorned with gems and rings, In three different wood shades!!!

With script for smoke and fire and fine ember texture!!!

TAXI ...

::SLTA:: Women Shirt MESH!!!

Stop to say it with flowers! Stop say it with diamonds! Tell her with your shirt! 
The perfect gift for your special "One"! 
Do something really romantic and Give her something that is part of you ... 
Your favorite shirt. She can wear it when you're away, and thinking of you will warm her heart ...

Here your Taxi...

::SLTA:: Smoking Pipe - Old Sailor Rustic Style!

Smoking Pipes Old Sailor Style Rustic, for real men! In three different rustic wood shades,
With script for smoke and fire and fine ember texture!

Your taxi ...

::SLTA:: Free Boxer!!!

Another amazing free gift from ::SLTA::

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::SLTA:: Free Slippers!!

Free Gift from ::SLTA:: !!!
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::SLTA:: Smoking Pipe Free Gift!!!

La trovate qui!